Skal Venezuela And USA Business Group

Already completed the Assemblies of Skål International and SKAL CLUB MARGARITA VENEZUELA INTERNATIONAL CLUB, and back to our usual activities not want to miss the opportunity to express my views on both events;

1- The Skal Club International Margarita, after a hard work led by Sk. Armando Barberi, with the support of the National Committee during the last quarter of 2011 and the 1st of 2012, comes to an Assembly repowered with nearly 30 active members and beginning to provide answers and solutions to their former financial problems, and now with his new directive and its new President Antonio Lizaran is definitely shaping up to consolidate several of its newest members will attend the next Clacskal Assembly in Panama and our hand to observe the importance of our movement to Latin America and Worldwide. Very good omens for this Club.

2- The Skal International Venezuela reaches its Assembly with delegates from 4 of the 5 existing clubs, and attended by members of all clubs Skal Venezuela, now unanimously preside the National Committee, accompanied by Humberto Valero Sk (St. Christopher) and Mario Velazquez (center) in the Vice-Presidency, Jorge Libera (Caracas) in the Secretariat, Bielka Mantilla (San Cristobal) in the Treasury, Armando Barberi (Margarita) in Communications and Public Relations, Gerardo Pinto (Margarita) in Events, Oscar Gomez (Centro Occidente) in recruitment, Carlos Galviz (San Cristobal) 1st Vocal, Juan Francisco Loureiro (Margarita) 2nd Vocal, Guillermo Torres (San Cristobal) Commissioner, Carolina Koch (Margarita) Deputy Commissioner, Igor Viloria (Margarita ) as International Councillor, and Past President Antonio Lizaran our course and as always we have a Minister without Portfolio; Counsel Don in German Parra Fernandez. I count my view an excellent team, which assumes a “crucial” stage for Skal nationally and whose main premise of the future work plan will be the approach to their clubs starting fluid and transparent communications, institutional visits Directive in full to the clubs, starting in May Caracas, work relaunching Clubs with problems giving the necessary support to stabilize and take back their way, parallel action dedicated to the revival of a major club like Maracaibo, and the promotion of clubs in two important areas in which we have already received expressions such as Merida and Falcon, the year is as short for so many things but I always think wise words of our known Sk Mary Carmen de Boscan that mentions them whenever possible; “Tithing for Skal” If only occupy a small 10 percent of our time to Skal all we want to give the movement easily. I send you some of my words in the Closing Dinner; The Skal is a movement that survived 2 World Wars, thanks to the premise of the “FRIENDSHIP” policy in its infancy leads to more than 75 years of existence and Tourism is one of the most important organizations worldwide, in the Skal political trends are not taken into account and social trends such as racism and classism are rejected outright, only the FRIENDSHIP and sharing are allowed, thanks to that the Skal never dies. I also firing with tremendous Caracas Club Slogan it took for me; ARE ALL THE SKAL live the Skal

Gonzalo Palacios A. P.


On behalf of Skål International VENEZUELA I give the warmest welcome to all SKAL members worldwide.

I feel privileged today to be your President and my message is love, warmth, friendship, good will, in short, everything beautiful that gives us life and more.

In these times of global crisis, where some countries have been more affected than others, we feel we must give greater impetus to our lives, our businesses, leaving growing every day more friends, as we do through the SKAL.

I invite you to browse our website, I’m sure you will feel much closer to us, you will see our programs and meet all its Skålleagues friends of Venezuela, through the gallery of photos of each club and all information our beautiful country, exotic places, traditions, folklore, customs, cuisine, music, traditional festivals, our extraordinary crafts and folk art.

Among our concerns it is to encourage each business day between Skålleagues, with all tourism professionals and are not going to succeed. We have all the tools to do and between friends cross our hands and we will strengthen our bonds of friendship, in this globalized world.

Promoting Young Skål, increase our membership, while preserving quality and not quantity.



Desperate For Water and Electrical Professionals

Desperate for water, building employee Pedro Pirela and his neighbors recently laid a night-time ambush. Notified by the roar of a water truck that provides nearby hotels, they obstructed the street and compelled the driver to stop, then siphoned off his precious freight.

Pirela and his co-conspirators had no choice, they state. A nationwide water shortage is crippling Venezuela, leaving faucets dry and adding to rolling blackouts. Here on Margarita Island, a traveler location that is also the home of 500 000 permanent residents, the federal government stated it might only provide water when every 21 days after a reservoir on the mainland dried up.

Some people are opposing. Others are stealing water from pool, public structures, and even tanker trucks.

“Water is gold now,” says Pirela, who includes he has likewise ambushed another water truck.

In a nation long afflicted by food and medication scarcities, the more recent difficulties are water shortage and progressively crucial power blackouts– a spin-off of the lack of water in a nation depending on hydroelectric dams.

As tanks evaporate, many across Venezuela go without water service for weeks on end. Power blackouts are forcing factories to send employees home early, pushing down production. Darkened areas offer fertile ground for thugs.

It might get a lot worse. Houston electricians working in a nearby village state the nation’s largest hydroelectric dam is so short of water that electrical power may be shut down for as much as 8 hours a day in a matter of days.

“We are in an important circumstance,” Electrical energy Minister Luis Motta informed press reporters recently.

President Nicolás Maduro’s socialist government, which controls the electricity and water sectors, blames the problems on Mother earth and sabotage by political challengers.

An El Niño-induced dry spell has led to critically low water levels in storage tanks and at El Guri, a massive hydroelectric dam in eastern Venezuela that offers 65 % of the country’s electrical power supply. The water behind the dam on Friday was just over 2 feet above the level at which specialists say it becomes risky to operate the power turbine, and 13 feet above the level at which electricity generation would need to be closed down, according to figures from the state-owned power company, Corpoelec.

The Maduro government is responding with rationing and TV spots advising Venezuelans to conserve. Most public schools now close early, hotels in Caracas have actually been purchased to cut power usage, and state workers were offered extended holidays to save water and electrical power.

Source: Wall Street Journal